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Welp, it's finally happened -- I have entered the most difficult stage of starting a business. The stage where money is scarce because I'm trying to figure out how to get a constant stream of incoming work. Unfortunately, this means I've had to cut a few expenses such as my website, 3-17.org, and my subscription to Twitter Blue (I know, I know laugh all you want but it's cheaper than paying to promote your tweets, and got me at least 30 extra followers during the month or two I had it). I guess this isn't so bad because instead of only updating my Twitter and my website, I'll be spending more time on this site. I might even contribute again because I can at least afford $2.99 a month, haha.

I really want to make an effort to be more active simply because I really enjoy the Newgrounds community. Like, you're all so kind and you give me real feedback. That's something I haven't come across on DeviantArt, Instagram, or Twitter... Or anywhere else online with the exception of maybe /ic/. I really want to show my support by just being a more active user because you guys have something rare and special here. It feels like the centralization of the internet has somehow caused its users to become more anti-social but Newgrounds has maintained that old-internet community feeling. I Really, REALLY appreciate all the lovely comments I have received on my art. In the real world, I never really hear anything nice about my art. It's been years since I've received a compliment on my art so it really means a lot to me. I know its always best to draw for yourself but I struggle with Bipolar depression and sometimes a little kindness helps keep me motivated to keep on drawing. Thank you so much!!


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